"There's nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk." 

With that in mind, we are set on a mission to create the best cookie ever made.

Putting together a team of professionals, they we are working hard to create the perfect cookie in many different flavors! Using only the finest ingredients and quality products, our cookies promise an unforgettable experience that is way better than any cookie available on the market today.  

Cookies for Sid   will not only introduce the most delicious cookies to Singaporeans, we will also present them in a manner of love, care and beauty. Every cookie will be baked, packaged and displayed with the utmost care, not just tossed into a container and sold by weight. It will be the ultimate marriage of GREAT TASTE and GORGEOUS PRESENTATION  

The first thought that pops into the minds of many when we mention cookies is probably that of a certain blue and very popular muppet who also lived on a very famous street!

However, it is a little known fact that before he took on the renowned moniker, he actually went by the name Sid. Sid is both a cookie lover and a cookie connoisseur. Cookies for Sid aims to make such wonderfully tasting cookies that will unleash the inner Sid in all of us.

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